The International Council
for Philosophy and Human Sciences

Letter CIPSH to IYGU

Professor Benno Werlen
IYGU Executive Director
University of Jena Germany


Dear Prof. Benno Werlen,

We are writing to you on behalf of the Board of the International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences (CIPSH), to confirm that, on September 14 at Durban, the CIPSH, together with the other two International sciences councils of the natural (ICSU) and the social sciences (ISSC), will proclaim 2016 as the International Year of Global Understanding (IYGU) at the 2015 World Social Science Forum (WSSC).

The CIPSH is itself in a process of re-structuration and growth, aiming at fostering the role of Humanities within interdisciplinary approaches to global challenges. In this process, its current international federation members are being joined by other networks of scholars, and we believe we must build together a bridge between the academic advances of knowledge in all domains and people’s awareness of such challenges. This is precisely what IYGU was capable of designing: a framework of reference to bridge the local and the global into a common comprehensive understanding.

As an organization aimed at strengthening the human sciences in all its dimensions, CIPSH fully encourages the IYGU’s initiative to promote global understanding through research, education and information. As you know, a World Conference of the Humanities will occur in 2017, in Liège, and we believe that IYGU fully converges with its aims, too.

We are looking forward to a close cooperation with the IYGU network to make 2016 a huge success for the benefit of society and all cultures today and in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Chao Gejin, President Luiz Oosterbeek, Secretary-General

Président : Chao Gejin Secrétaire général : Luiz Oosterbeek





June 25, 2015