The International Council
for Philosophy and Human Sciences

Call for Applications to the CIPSH Chairs Programme


CIPSH, the International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences (Conseil International de la Philosophie et des Sciences Humaines), has established a programme of academic chairs, designed to highlight and encourage existing research networks of centres of research in the humanities and to attract greater attention to the humanities worldwide and enhanced recognition of their importance in contemporary society.
The aim is to endorse and publicize the establishment as academic humanities chairs of such networks, oriented towards a general theme and headed by one chairholder, at universities or other recognized research institutions; the chairholder will be supported by a team of several associates in the host institution and preferably also in one or more other institutions and, if possible, in one or more other countries. Ideally, the designated theme or project should be interdisciplinary in nature, and one or more of the supporting institutions should be located in a country or countries different from that of the host institution. The initial appointment of a chairholder will be for a period of five years, with the possibility of renewal following favourable evaluation.
The new CIPSH chairs are not intended to be in competition with already-existing programmes, namely UNESCO chairs; in fact, it would be possible, theoretically, for an individual and a centre to hold both at once. However, it is hoped that the humanities orientation of the CIPSH chairs, as well as other considerations, will attract a broad and diverse pool of distinguished applicants, and that the designation of “CIPSH Chair” will carry with it a special prestige of its own.
Applications are solicited ahead of a deadline of April 20th 2019, by 5:00 pm CET.
Selection to be completed by July 31st 2020, and the inauguration of the chairs to take place from August 1, 2020. The selection committee will consist of three members of the CIPSH Executive Committee and two outside consultants, with final evaluation of their decisions by the full Executive Committee.

Guidelines and Procedures

Individuals interested in directing a CIPSH Chair should obtain the approval of the relevant administrative officer (Dean, Chancellor, President, Director) of their institution and consult with colleagues at that institution and, preferably, at at least one or two other institutions with which they would like affiliation in their project. If they receive favourable responses, they should then proceed to complete their application, following the outline in the Annex, below.
Completed applications should be sent by email to, addressed to the “CIPSH chairs programme 2020, c/o Secretary-General of CIPSH, Luiz Oosterbeek”, and a printed copy should be sent to the following address, before April 20th 2020, by 5:00 pm CET: 1 rue Miollis 75732 Paris Cedex 15, France.
Successful projects should encompass a wide international network, demonstrating past activities record and, ideally, it should be interdisciplinary in nature, with special attention being paid to the mission and goals of CIPSH (

For further information and Submission of Project Proposals, please click HERE and download the pdf. version of the announcement.

February 1, 2020