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ANHN - The 14th ANHN Annual Meeting&Session of Shanghai Forum 2017

The 14th ANHN Annual Meeting&Session of Shanghai Forum 2017
亚洲现代性: 寻求共同道路——第十四届亚洲新人文联网会议暨上海论坛2017子论坛

Fudan Development Institute

International Center for Studies of Chinese Civilization (ICSCC), Fudan University
Asian New Humanities Net

Jin Guangyao(Fudan University),
Hsiung Ping-chen(The Chinese University of Hong Kong,Asian New Humanities Net)

Time:13:30-17:00, May 27th

Venue: 5F, 5th Floor, Shanghai International Convention Center

Panel 1 Host:Li Tiangang

Prasenjit Duara: Network Asia:Histories of the Future

Sara Guyer: Displacement in Place:Considering Modernity in Asia and beyond

Luiz Oosterbeek: The 21st century agenda of modernisation:a Humanities challenge

Panel 2 Host:Lim Jie-hyun

Lee Cheuk Yin: Asian Values as the New Impetus for Asia

Tansen Sen: Modernity and Pan-Asian Contacts:The Maha Bodhi Society and the Revival of India-China Buddhist Connections

Oki Yasushi: An Index to Memories of the Ming:Poetic Exchanges on Early Qing Female Entertainers

Time:8:30-16:45,May 28th

Venue:Room 103,1st Floor,East Wing Building of Guanghua Towers,Fudan University

Panel 1 Host:Hao Yufan

Wang Ning: Global Modernity and the(Re)Construction of China's Alternative Modernity

Prapin Manomaivibool: Chinese Rites in Thai Royal Court

Harold P Sjursen: Vernacular Modernity in 20th Century Shanghai

Panel 2 Host:Wang Ning

Fred E.Schrader: The Moral Crisis of Modernization.E.Durkheim on the constitution of Market Society

Yu Zhejun: Rationality of Coexistence

Jorge Barreto Xavier: The construction of an inclusive modernity

Panel 3 Host:Hsiung Ping-chen

Hao Yufan: The Development of Macao and the"One Belt one Road initiative"in the Context of Globalization

Huang Hsin-ya: Railroad Matters:Chinese Labor in Building the First Transcontinental Railway in North America

Premesh Lalu: The Humanities as a Critique of Global Apartheid

Panel 4 Host:Jin Guangyao

Hsiung Ping-chen: How Long is Enough to Examine Modernity?Thoughts from Two Cases

Wang Jie: The Contemporariness of Aesthetic Research and Studies of Aesthetic Institutions——Two Important Principles of Cultural Governance

John Crowley: Trajectories of modernity.A Comparative Perspective

Hsiung Ping-chen: Conclusion Speech

Chinese-English Simultaneous Interpretation Provided

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  Article Source : ANHN
May 22, 2017