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for Philosophy and Human Sciences

Presenting the World Humanities Conference 2017

22.06.2016 - Social and Human Sciences Sector, UNESCO

To launch preparations for the World Humanities Conference, which will be held in Liege from 6 to 12 August 2017, UNESCO convened a presentation meeting for permanent delegations, non-governmental organizations and specialised media, at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, on 21 June 2016.
The World Humanities Conference, organized with the International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences (CIPSH) and Liège Together, will gather actors of all the humanities disciplines, in dialogue with the social and natural sciences as well as art and literature. The aim will be to set a global agenda for the role and scope of the humanities in the contemporary world, emphasizing their importance in equipping societies to respond to the development challenges they face.

The Conference will establish a new agenda for the humanities, with educational, research and policy-making implications in the various countries and regions of the world.

In the context of research, there is a need for better articulation of funding strategies of agencies in different regions and countries, aiming at the global improvement of humanities knowledge for the better of societies. This requires an identification of cross-disciplinary priorities at a global scale.

This presentation meeting was also an opportunity to give more information about the link between the World Humanities Conference and the International Year of Global Understanding (2016).
Speakers at the Presentation Meeting were:
  • Mr Dendev Badarch, Director of the Division of Social Transformations and Intercultural Dialogue of UNESCO's Social and Human Sciences Sector, and Executive Secretary of UNESCO's MOST Programme;
  • H. E. Mr Jean-Joel Schittecatte, Permanent Delegate of the Kingdom of Belgium to UNESCO;
  • Mr Robert Halleux, Secretary- General of the World Humanities Conference;
  • Mr Zenon Kowal, Counsellor to the Delegation of the French Community and of the Walloon Region;
  • Mr André Gilles, Deputy-President of the Provincial College of Liège;
  • Professor Chao Gejin, President of CIPSH;
  • H. E. M. Adama Samassékou, former Minister of Education of Mali, President of the World Humanities Conference; and,
  • Professeur Jean Winand, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Liège, Co-president of the International Programme Committee.
The many Permanent Delegations in attendance welcomed the initiative and voiced their wish to participate concretely in the preparation of the World Humanities Conference, emphasizing the need to connect it to other activities envisaged within the MOST Programme, including in particular MOST Ministerial Forums. NGOs in attendance also stressed the contribution they could make to the success of the Conference and the achievement of its objectives.
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  Article Source : UNESCO
June 23, 2016