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Links of IYGU pages on Social Media Platforms

Links of IYGU pages on Social Media Platforms

We are happy to share the news that IYGU is now present on the main Social Media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The FACEBOOK page of the IYGU can be found at:

The Opening Ceremony of IYGU Event’s Page you can find at:

TWITTER page can be found at:

Some videos of IYGU events, such as the video of the Declaration of the International Year of Global Understanding on the World Social Science Forum in Durban, September 13, 2015, and the Interview with the Executive Director Prof. Benno Werlen concerning the IYGU at a German Radio Station, can be viewed on YouTube at following links:

All the IYGU events will be announced with the above platforms.

Your attention and interaction is always welcome.

  Article Source : IYGU
January 19, 2016